Chef Jazmyn Widjaya 

The Matriarch's Kitchen started in July of 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Chef Jazmyn took a momentous decision to make a comeback in the private dining scene after a 3 years hiatus. The 5 pax restrictions under the Phase 2 where Singapore reopened their economy did not deter her at all. In fact, it was a good beginning to start slow and steady especially without any helpers in the kitchen. Thankfully, she managed to pull off a back to back weekly dining events. 

Previously known as Homecooked By Jazmyn, she was actively conducting cooking classes for tourists and locals alike on top of her food catering business and private dining gigs. She first embarked on that journey in 2012 and partnered with a few startups such as BonAppetour, Clubvivre, Hcook and LessonsGoWhere and has always been grateful for the exposure and support she received from the founders of all these platforms. 

Chef Jazmyn would like to think of herself, first as a digital entrepreneur who happened to have a "belly deep" passion for cooking and hosting dining events. Calling herself a matriarch may seemed a little audacious but she understands the true heartbeat of a matriarch is to bring people together with food being the centre of all conversations. Her desire is to spread the love of cooking and to build a lasting, meaningful connections with others.

Coming from family with such a complex heritage: South Asian - Indian, Thai/Cambodian, Indo/Malay, Japanese/Korean as per her DNA test she would like to express the same twist into her cooking. Marrying the different ingredients and flavours to get an intricate taste that will tease her guests' palates!